At work

Fundraising at work

Vision Aid Overseas is delighted to have the support of many businesses and organisations. Your support is absolutely vital in raising money and awareness of our life transforming work.

There are many ways that you could support Vision Aid Overseas at your place of work - from running your own event to displaying a collecting tin in your workplace.

Place a tin

Place one of our collecting tins to help raise money and awareness at your place of work.

Organise an event

If you would like to organise an event to support Vision Aid Overseas, please have a look at our Fundraising Pack for inspiration and ideas. Please let us know if you are organising an event so that we can help you to publicise it.

Raise awareness

If you would like to help us raise awareness by displaying posters or literature in your workplace please complete our online resources ordering form and we will send you materials as soon as possible.

If you have your own ideas please get in touch and let us know - we always love to hear from our supporters!

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