Case studies

Steven Nyangu

7 years old

Orphaned Steven was falling behind at school before he was seen by Vision Aid Overseas volunteers who could restore his sight.

Kinga Macuik

Optometry student at City University

Second year optometry student, Kinga Macuik travelled out to Zambia with five other volunteers to help train nurses in refraction and provide outreach services to those living in rural communities.

Alice Okraku

Optical dispensing assistant

Alice Okraku always provides a warm welcome to the Vision Centre patients when they come for their eye tests.

Golmauuh Dost

7 years old

This charming little girl was so short sighted that she couldn't even count fingers three metres away from her.

Sam Phiri

81 years old

81 year old Sam Phiri from Zambia was unable to provide for himself or his family until he was seen by a Vision Aid Overseas team near his village.

Fred Beguma

13 years old

Fred Beguma was so shortsighted that he was unable to see the blackboard in school until he was seen by a Vision Aid Overseas volunteer team.

Jackline Altuiha

10 years old

Jackline couldn't read her favourite books until she was helped by Vision Aid Overseas

Tigsti Hadgu Kebede

22 years old

Tigsti is a technician and manager of our Vision Centre at the Quiha Eye Hospital in Ethiopia.

Andrew Banda

30 years old

A teacher from Malawi was able to teach his class again once he was given a pair of glasses by a Vision Aid Overseas volunteer.

Gizachew Achiso

Gizachew was first seen by Vision Aid Overseas in 2002, ten years on he is still in touch with the volunteers that helped him.

Sumwonza Noak

15 years old

A 15 year old student, Sumwonza had never seen the blackboard at school and never had a pair of glasses before being seen by a volunteer team in Zambia.

Solomon Belay

Solomon is a 23 year old optometry student at Hawassa University eager to qualify and help disadvantaged people receive the eye care they need.

Gabriel Yebu

12 year old schoolboy

12 year old Gabriel travelled 70km with his father to our Vision Centre in Hawassa.

Mutale Mwango

21 year old student nurse

Mutale was seen at our new Vision Centre in Solwezi, Zambia. She was having difficulty seeing the blackboard at nursing school which was affecting her studies.

Melanie Mambwe

29 year old

Melanie is a trainee Dispenser/ Technician at Solwezi Hospital


50 years old

A tailor was losing business because of his poor eyesight until he was seen by a Vision Aid Overseas team.

Patricia Katapazi

Helping Patricia Read Her Favourite Book

How Vision Aid Overseas helped Patricia Katapazi read her beloved bible once again.

Pascar Siambweda

Pascar Siambweda, a 17-year old student from Mukuni Village, Livingstone region of Zambia, loves to sing.

Graham Coates

One of our most valued professional volunteers, Graham Coates, recently returned from a trip to Zambia.

Charles Amafumba

Mapping the Future of Zambia

How can you build accurate roads when you can't see properly?

Joseph Matome

How VAO helped a geography teacher reach his potential.

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