Case studies

Andy Masenga

65 year old retired Parish Councillor receives treatment in Zambia

Lackson Phiri

Farmer receives treatment from team of Professional Volunteers in Zambia

Angel Phiri

17 month old Angel receives treatment at Vision Centre

Charles Chisulo

44 year old Charles can continue to work and support his family thanks to Vision Aid Overseas

Manase Sikana

48 year old Chef from Ndola in Zambia receives spectacles for the first time

Joshua Nswana

How Vision Aid Overseas helped 13 year old Joshua to see more clearly

Annastasia Kambikiya

Second Year Student Nurse at Ndola General Hospital in Zambia.

The Malilwe Family

How we helped a Mother and her daughter in the Livingstone region of Zambia

Joseph Matome

How VAO helped a geography teacher reach his potential.

Charles Amafumba

Mapping the Future of Zambia

How can you build accurate roads when you can't see properly?

Pascar Siambweda

Pascar Siambweda, a 17-year old student from Mukuni Village, Livingstone region of Zambia, loves to sing.


50 years old

A tailor was losing business because of his poor eyesight until he was seen by a Vision Aid Overseas team.

Golmauuh Dost

7 years old

This charming little girl was so short sighted that she couldn't even count fingers three metres away from her.

Steven Nyangu

7 years old

Orphaned Steven was falling behind at school before he was seen by Vision Aid Overseas volunteers who could restore his sight.

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